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O’Rourkes Taxidermists have been operating from little ol' Pleasant Point, New Zealand, for almost 60 years, and has been exporting tropheys, the world over, for at least half a century.

From humble beginnings, the team currently has over 100 years experience on the floor, and continues to provide exceptional quality mounts across a broad range of animals - from big game animals to a variety of fish and birds.

In addition to providing top quality taxidermy services, we can arrange packing and freight (including all that pesky documentation) for trophies both domestically and internationally.

A love of hunting is in our blood and when we are not in the taxidermy studio, we're probably out in the hills stalking animals...

Please let us know how we can help you.

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85 Main Road, Pleasant Point 7903,
South Canterbury, New Zealand
Ph: Bus. (03) 614 7737,
Res. (03) 614 7139 Res. (03) 684 4806.
International Ph/Fax: +64 3 614 7737

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